Wildlife Habitat Project

CWC is working to certify Chautauqua County as a National Wildlife Federation Community Habitat! Along with support and assistance from various individuals and community partners, the Chautauqua County Wildlife Habitat Program will connect residents of the County and educate and engage them about the importance of wildlife and habitat conservation… one yard at a time!

Chautauqua County is the western gateway to New York State. With six beautiful lakes and approximately 50 miles of Lake Erie shoreline, there is no place in the County more than 25 miles from open water. Within the lands that surround these waters lies key habitats that are home to our local wildlife. With increasing human impact and development in our County, the success and longevity of these habitats are threatened and need to be protected.

By certifying and adapting our own backyards and green spaces, we can encourage local and migrating wildlife to visit and thrive — transforming our yards into healthy, beautiful green spaces and creating native habitat to benefit and attract our birds, bees, butterflies, and local wildlife!

The National Wildlife Federation has created an easy-to-use checklist for you to determine if your yard is already a certifiable habitat or if small additions may be needed. Certification focuses on five key factors that make up a sustainable wildlife habitat: 1) Food, 2) Water, 3) Cover, 4) Places to raise their young and 5) Sustainable practices. 

The certification checklist can be found at http://www.nwf.org/certify (or viewed below), and you can easily certify your yard online at www.nwf.org/certifiedwildlifehabitat.

Our program partners include the National Wildlife Foundation, Jamestown City Parks, Jamestown Public Market, Audubon Community Nature Center, Chautauqua-Conewango Consortium, Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Master Gardeners Program, SUNY JCC, SUNY Fredonia, Royal Fern Nursery and Brigiotta’s Nursery.

For more information, contact our Conservationist, Carol Markham, at carol@chautauquawatershed.org or 716-664-2166 x1005.