A Homeowner’s Guide to Lake Friendly Living

To help homeowners and educate them about lake friendly landscaping and lawncare, CWC created “A Homeowners Guide to Lake Friendly Living: 5 simple strategies in your lawn and landscape practices that will conserve, protect and enhance your Chautauqua Lake Watershed.” This guide introduces new and old lakefront property owners to the relationship between land use/landscaping practices and water quality, along with concepts for watershed friendly landscaping. It encourages the use of best management practices regarding fertilizer use, shoreline buffers, landscaping waster and lawn care and mowing. It also introduces CWC’s new Lakescapes program, which promotes a healthier community one yard at a time, no matter where the homeowner lives or what size garden they want to create. The guide also provides a helpful resources page, giving homeowners access to additional sources for information and guidance on lake friendly living.

View or download a copy of this informational guide here: Homeowner's Guide to Lake Friendly Living