Preserve Stewardship

A land conservation project doesn’t end when the Conservancy takes ownership of a property. In fact, the project is just beginning! 

Once properties are permanently conserved by the CWC, we must act as stewards of these lands to encourage a healthy ecosystem and prevent habitat degradation from invasive species, vandalism or other issues that may threaten the new preserve. To monitor the health of our preserves, each of our properties is staffed by a volunteer preserve steward, who serves as a representative of the CWC and shares responsibilities with CWC staff for the routine monitoring and inspection of CWC nature preserves. 

The principle responsibilities of the preserve steward are to: 

  • Observe and document any natural or man-made changes that take place on the property, 
  • Identify threats or damage, and 
  • Coordinate and undertake preserve maintenance activities. 

To maintain those responsibilities, preserve stewards visit their assigned preserves a minimum of once a year. During the visit, the steward will conduct a walking tour and physical inspection of the interior of the property and boundaries. The steward will make notes of any observed changes, take photos as necessary and prepare and submit an annual monitoring report to the CWC soon after the visit. 

CWC is in need of additional volunteers for stewardship activities. Please contact us if you are interested in taking part in this program or if you are interesting in volunteering to help CWC maintain, monitor and improve our preserves. Volunteers with all skill levels and backgrounds are welcome.