Thursday, June 20, 2019
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2018-19 Membership Campaign Underway

streambank. J.TomeYour 2019-19 membership or year-end contribution to CWC will help CWC undertake the following:

•    Starve the Algae! Save the Lake! Program – Educate and engage shoreline landowners to stop feeding lake weeds and algae by avoiding or strictly limiting the use of lawn fertilizers to one fall application, properly disposing of pet wastes, and planting and conserving streambank and lakeshore vegetative buffers to reduce soil erosion and intercept nutrients.

•    Clear Waters Land Conservation Program – Complete watershed land conservation projects for the Watershed Tributary and Wildlands Preserve System, strategically conserving and enhancing those lands most important for collecting, storing, filtering and delivering clean waters for our drinking water supplies, streams and lakes (see projects listed below) and those most important for providing valuable fish & wildlife habitat.

•    Tributary Conservation and Enhancement Program - Partner with the Chautauqua County Soil & Water Conservation District to utilize New York State Agricultural funds to work with farmers to remove cattle from streams and move crop fields away from stream banks by purchasing permanent stream buffer conservation easements, undertaking erosion control and stream corridor restoration projects, and undertaking stormwater management projects with landowners and local governments to reduce stormwater volume, control erosion, cut nutrient loading and reduce lake sedimentation.

•    Gateways to Nature Program – Undertake improvement projects at select CWC preserves to make them more attractive, accessible and enjoyable for public recreational use funded through a grant from the Cummins Foundation.

•    Stewardship of CWC’s Watershed Lands – Monitor, maintain and defend CWC properties, and permanently fund the Conservation Lands Manager position.

•    Write and Publish Four Seasonal Issues of The ‘Shed Sheet Newsletter, distribute to 10,000+ landowners, businesses, members, and community leaders.

•    Acquire and Implement Precision Conservation Water Quality & Habitat Strategic Planning capabilities to prioritize and target sites for conservation in collaboration with the Chesapeake Conservancy using their state-of-the-art water quality planning software and high resolution LiDAR topographic data and land cover data for developing a county-wide conservation, enhancement and pollution prevention strategy.

•    Complete the Cassadaga Lake Nature Park Campaign to conserve, develop and steward in perpetuity 77 acres of forest and wetlands on Upper Cassadaga Lake with 1,100 feet of wetland shoreline.

•    Proceed with Prendergast Creek buffer farm and forest conservation and establishment of the Prendergast Creek Nature Park (50-150 acres, with 3,500 to 8,500 feet of stream corridor conservation), which may include stream bank erosion control and restoration, trout and meadow bird habitat enhancement, trout fishing access, a kayak launch, nature trails and the establishment of a CWC’s office in the house and barn on the site and endowment to maintain nature park in perpetuity.

•    Complete watershed conservation projects:

  • Goose Creek forest floodplain corridor: (33 acres) upstream of Route 394, Ashville (tributary to Chautauqua Lake)
  • Cheney Creek forest corridor: (49 acres) upstream of Route 394 above Cheney Point (tributary to Chautauqua Lake)
  • Route 394 - Chautauqua Lake shoreland steep slope
  • Crown of Chautauqua: in the climate-resilient escarpment area landscapes, including gorges and glens, wetlands, streams and forests feeding area lakes and creek

•    Undertake the Chautauqua Lake Curriculum program in area elementary schools.

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